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Thirty years selling consumer goods to retail. Fortune 500 executive turned entrepreneur. Passion for brands, products, and helping people. Proud husband and father.

Message from Dave:

Castello was created to help consumer brands; originally founded by buyers from Target. Together with our retail partners it’s grown ten-fold in the past 7 years.

We went from representing brands, to adding services, locations, even buying and selling brands. In 2023 we’ll be launching a new software focused on data aggregation to facilitate faster decision making and real time reporting.

Our growth is entirely thanks to the amazing brands we work with, the solutions they deliver. Equally responsible for our success are amazingly talented people we are blessed to work with everyday. They make it happen.

We’ve helped close over $1b in sales at US retailers in the last 7 years. However, I’m more proud of the 100+ jobs we’ve created and the relationships we’ve forged.

Julia Meyer


Twenty years of leadership experience developing and executing consumer business growth strategies. Passionate about optimizing consumer brands, product placement and building high performance cultures to fuel innovation and collaboration.

Mia Klein

VP – Marketing/ Advertising

Accomplished marketing leader. Passion for helping consumer brands achieve their growth objectives through innovative marketing strategies. Ten years of experience in marketing and advertising delivering impactful results to consumer brands in an evolving marketing landscape.

Maximilian "Max" Rocha

Senior Director – Sales Operations

Dynamic Sales Manager proven ability to drive revenue growth in global markets. With over 15 years of experience in sales and business development, Max has a proven track record of surpassing targets and building strong relationships with US based retailers/ distributors. Grew up in Brazil, passionate about all things Soccer.

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