How much does Castello cost? 

Cost varies by client. Every client is different, each unique deal is based on the client’s goals, needs and opportunities. There’s always a management fee plus a commission based on results. Typically, each service starts at $5K a month and increases based on scope. Ideally our clients take advantage of multiple services to make the most of our integrated approach. Commissions average five percent.

Where do we start?

First, we always ask for an NDA. Then we start with a no-obligation call to talk about opportunities and what success would look like. There’s always some back-and-forth help us build the best arrangement for all parties. 

Who’s a good fit for Castello?

Any brand that is differentiated, solves a problem and operates in a larger category that is growing. Need more? Read the questions at the bottom of the Why Castello page to see if YOUR business is ready for Castello.

What categories
does Castello specialize in? 

We communicate, collaborate, report, measure, and report again. You’ll never wonder what we’re up to, or if we’re doing the right thing for your brand. We work closely with you to invest smartly and get the best results.

I can get set up on Amazon on my own. How would Castello’s results be any different?

Getting set up on Amazon is just the first step. Without a plan to bring people to your Amazon store and an affordable, efficient fulfillment plan, you’re all dressed up with no place to go.  Work with us and you get the advantages of a much bigger organization – without having to hire any more staff. We help you create Enhanced Branded Content pages. Our expertly produced content – professional product and lifestyle photography and video – takes your marketing to the next level. And our 12,000-strong influencer network connects you directly to your target customers. Simply put, we use a smart, comprehensive strategy to accelerate and boost sales more quickly than you can on your own.

What costs are not covered by the monthly management fee?

It varies. Clients are asked to cover freight costs (for shipping products) and costs that are incurred by the reseller directly. They are also required to cover sample costs and one-time larger marketing costs that exceed the amount of the monthly management fee. An example – infomercial or licensing fees associated with celebrity endorsements.