Castello is led by seasoned retail industry veterans. Collectively, we’ve managed over $4 billion of consumer goods through U.S. retail, from Walmart to Target to Amazon.

Castello is
led by
over $4
billion of
U.S. retail,
Walmart to
Target to

Our strength as a team is bolstered by something called the “Medici Effect,” and we see its impact on our clients’ brands every day. The “Medici Effect” happens when people from different backgrounds come together and innovate new ways of doing things. At Castello, we come from different backgrounds, with unique experiences, that complement each other and result in powerful, creative solutions for our clients.



When it comes to retail markets, Troy Devens likes a little disruption. Okay, make that a LOT of disruption. Troy is passionate about making waves in retail markets by supporting brands with an integrated approach that challenges the status quo. He has successfully led new and existing brands to higher revenues by incorporating sales representation, marketing, social media engagement, and public relations under one roof.

Troy founded Castello to bring this approach, along with his 15 years of retail experience, to more brands. While a Target executive, he led his department to its most profitable year ever through effective supplier negotiation and consumer marketing campaigns leading to increased basket size. He brings the energy and entrepreneurial spirit that helped him succeed at Target — and Amazon, General Mills, Pfizer, and Post — to every partnership.


Managing Director

Like many industries, retail and consumer goods have changed dramatically over David’s 26-year career. Having worked directly with most retailers on a global scale, he’s become a trusted operator of Fortune 500 brands, private equity firms and even smaller emerging brands, helping them navigate the changes. David knows exactly how to scale solutions for his clients’ brands. His vision, knowledge, energy and connections deliver measurable results. A former CEO, David was asked by Troy Devens to help develop Castello. “Helping develop Castello means helping our clients,” says David. “When they win, we win, and I love that connection.”

David joined Castello in Feb 2017. Since then, Castello has grown significantly, highlighted by the acquisition of Kino Hawaiian Skincare and its subsequent sale in 2018.



You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Nobody knows that better than Ian Gerrard, Castello’s numbers guy. He sees the big picture, the details, and everything in between as part of his mission to measure AND manage our clients’ complete financial picture. He keeps track of clients’ spend, inventory, budgeting, forecasting, as well as monitoring supply chain so that Castello can reliably understand and report on finances in detail.

Ian’s talents go way beyond accurate accounting. He brings more than 25 years of experience managing and building premier global telecom and information technology businesses. He has an impressive track record of enhancing shareholder value through business transformations, corporate restructurings, growth capital financings, mergers & acquisitions, corporate valuations, financial model and business plan development and forging strategic partnering arrangements.